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Ten advices to find a good sleep
If you do not manage to find the sleep in spite of a mattress and a pillow of quality, read these ten advices for a better night.
Isolate yourself from bright lights: Adjust the lights at a level which seems comfortable to you. Some people like to sleep in a complete black, others with a few light. In all the cases too much light will harm your drowsiness. Point out that red length waves of light are generally less aggressive for finding sleep than blue or green length waves. If you have to sleep during the day, cover your eyes.
Breathe slowly, deeply, and regularly (cardiac coherence): If you do not manage to find sleep after 20 minutes, test a breathing exercise. For example, lengthen on the back and inspire deeply during 4 seconds, feel your stomach rising, then expire slowly during 4 seconds. Start again this cycle during 5 minutes. This way of breathing is known as ' 'cardiac coherence' ' very beneficial to slacken your body (Dr. David Servan-Schreiber advises it).
Slacken all your muscles: A small mental exercise to do consists in starting from your feet and to slacken each one of your members, one by one, feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, basin, low of the back, top of the back, chest, hands, wrists, arm, neck, stops, face, eyelids. You will feel your body slackened after this exercise, and you will be more able to deaden. This exercise can be combined with the preceding breathing exercise.
Abstain yourself from doing physical exercise at least 4 hours before the hour of sleeping: regular exercise is recommended to help you to sleep, but the choice of the moment to do it is very important. Morning or midday exercise will be beneficial, whereas evening efforts will go against your drowsiness.
Have a light dinner before going to bed : It is known that If a stomach is too empty it can interfere with the sleep, but on the contrary a too heavy meal before laying down is even less beneficial. Dairy products and turkey contain tryptophan, which is an inductor of sleep. That is probably why hot milk glass is sometimes recommended before going to bed.
Soundproof your room : sound-proofing your room will not only help you to find sleep but also to remain asleep. There are many acoustic solutions to sound-proof a room (for the walls, the ceilings, the windows). If you cannot isolate the sleeping room from external noises, there are some equipments known as ' 'white noise generators' '. They are relatively cheap and produce a neutral noise (it can nevertheless buzz slightly) which cover the other noises. A more empirical solution consists in putting ear-plugs.
Avoid harmful substances : At least 4-6h before the chosen hour to go to bed, abstain yourself from cafeine, nicotine and alcohol. Cafeine and nicotine are stimulants which decrease your capacity to sleep. Coffee, the, cola, chocolate and some medicines with or without ordinance contain cafeine. Cigarettes and some drugs contain nicotine. Alcohol seems to help you to find sleep at the biginning because it slows down brain activity, but finally you will end up having a bad quality sleep , agitated, by fragments.
If nothing goes well : stand up and move , read a book, write a few words, or listen to soft music. Made something which slackens. Doing something peaceful will enable you to feel relaxed when you will return to bed.
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