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Buckwheat pillows : why you wil like them !
A buckwheat pillow is a firm and modelable pillow, which is today recommended by many health professionals. Increasingly used in our Western countries, its use is very widespread since a long time in the countries of Asia because it allows a healthy and natural comfort, stable, very far from the synthetic garnishings, which are very slack and allergen due to polyester fibers that are find in all current cushions available for the general public.
A buckwheat pillow is a stuffed ecological pillow of buckwheat thimbles, 100% natural and odourless. The buckwheat thimbles are used for pillows manufacture, cushions, head-rests, and all kinds of support surfaces (for the back, the legs, etc.). Feelings of relaxation and wellbeing it brings go beyond those brought by ergonomic pillows known as ' 'shape memory pillows' ' , which suffers from several nuisances (perspiration of the user, quickly loose their shape...)
In addition, other stuffings containing seeds and other plants are not as pleasant and efficient as buckwheat. Buckwheat pillow follows perfectly the user's body shape while giving a firm and uniform support. Its use makes it possible to reduce or to remove neck stiffnesses, back problems, muscular tensions, that is why it is frequently advised in case of osteoarthritis, of cervical slipped disc, or any other musculo-skeletal pathology.
Insomnia, headaches, excessive perspiration, whirrs, are also some indications and frequently justify the purchase of this pillow. Indeed it is always fresh and being aired, it is used with good essient to relieve migraines, and brings a wellbeing and a continuous comfort all along the night. Buckwheat thimble is not an allergen element and is appropriate for all the fragile people or persons presenting allergic troubles due to synthetic stuffings.
All our pillows are filled in an artisanal way, with buckwheat thimbles coming from mills which are located in the west of France. The conditioning of buckwheat is thus ensured by professionals. These pillows do not require any particular washing, nor special attention, thimbles just need some ventilation one time a year, which will regenerate them. Their lifespan is thus quasi unlimited.
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